Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ideology Inventory Quiz

This is actually the second time I have taken the Ideology Inventory Quiz and, just as before, the results indicate that I am still a so-called “positive youth development worker.” The Ideology Horoscope defines the main philosophical viewpoint behind the positive youth development identity as a belief that all youth possess a collection of assets, including external assets such as support systems--family, friends, mentors, etc.--and levels of boundaries and empowerment that are sometimes fostered by their support systems or their environments. Besides external assets, positive youth development workers also believe that all youth possess a set of internal assets that can include their commitments to learn, positive identities, social competencies, and positive attitudes, amongst others. In order to help youth better develop and utilize their internal and external assets, youth workers must develop environments that can foster these capabilities.

Ever since I decided to become a youth worker, the idea of creating environments that help youth develop their particular talents and capabilities has become one my main missions. Therefore, the results from this quiz were not surprising, as they significantly match my preferences for youth work and my personality, especially my desire to create positive developmental environments. Just as described in the definition of the positive youth development ideology, I believe that all youth possess certain assets that are particular to themselves, and in order to develop these assets, it is my responsibility as a youth worker to create environments that can help them further develop their abilities.  

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