Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Story Dedicated to my Grandma

My grandma is a creature of habit. She wakes up every morning and after drinking her Hispanic milk and coffee concoction she gets ready for her daily routine. It all starts with her regular morning walk around her neighborhood, during which she makes sure to visit every house in town and engage in conversation with every neighbor. Her conversations always involve talking about current town events or other important local gossip. However, it is her questions such as “How is your son doing?” or “Are you feeling better?” that reveal the main intentions behind these visits—her need to make sure that everyone is doing okay in her neighborhood. My grandma has lived in this small Dominican neighborhood for more than thirty years, and she has become a recognized character in this place. She knows everyone and everyone knows Mercedes, “Mama Tata” as some people prefer to call her. As she continues her stroll through her beloved streets, she is constantly stopped by different people wanting to talk to her or by the sound of someone shouting “Good morning, Mama Tata!”

However, her routine does not end there. After completing her long walk, she prepares for her second most important task of the day, which is preparing lunch for her large family. However, “family” for my grandma does not only consist of her immediate kin; it also includes a large number of neighbors and friends. Since she considers them part of her family, she believes that it is her responsibility to ensure that they are also always well fed. Every day my grandma prepares an extra plate of food that she keeps separate from the meal that she serves to her immediate family. This plate is not to be touched—not matter how badly you want seconds—as the meal belongs to any friend or neighbor who did not have enough money to afford a meal that day. This untouchable meal never went to waste however, as every day a different neighbored or friend would sit at our table and eat the meal that had been set aside.  
Unfortunately, my move from the Dominican Republic to the United States has prevented me from continuing to be part of my grandma’s daily routine. I’m not longer her companion during her walks, as I often was when we lived together. I’m also unable to be present during her meals. Nevertheless, these events have shaped who I am today. Many of the people my grandma visited during these walks were older residents who often felt alone and abandoned by their families. You could always see in their face how appreciative they were of my grandma’s daily visits. These types of interactions taught me about the importance of caring for others. This lesson has stayed with me for years, and it is one of the main reasons why today I want to be a youth worker. My grandma’s caring and protective spirit has been an important influence in my life, and that is why I consider her one of the most significant coauthors in my life story.   

List of significant vocabulary words and concepts from the chapter reading          
  • Social Construction
  • Theoretical Thinking
  • Theoretical Imagination
  • Co-construct
  • Guiding Stories
  • Interpsychological Development
  • Scaffolding
  • Zone of Proximal Development 
  • Co-authoring
  • Mental Bridge

List of coauthors from my life story              
  • My mother (Delsy)
  • My father (Robert)
  • Sisters (Laura and Katherina)
  • Boyfriend (Michael)
  • Ex-boyfriend (Anthony)
  • Best Friend (Tanny)
  • Grandma (Mercedes)
  • Brothers (Tito and Joshua)
  • Teacher (Miss Dolores)
  •  Friend (Andrew)

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  1. Hi Isa! Thank you so much for sharing your blog. I really enjoyed reading this because it made me think about mi abuelita and her coffee, lol. God bless your grandma for being such a positive impact to those around her. She is truly an inspiration :)