Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Classroom Testimonials from the Center for Resilience

The classroom testimonials videos on the Center for Resilience website depicted how different schools use mindfulness techniques—taught by trained instructors from the organization—in their classrooms. Students and teachers from different Rhode Island urban schools, such as Evolutions High School and William D’Abate Elementary School, described the positive effects that have resulted from the use of said techniques, including a reduction in aggression and school-related stress and an increase in focus and cooperation among students. Among these mindfulness practices, students were shown engaging in diverse respiration techniques, meditation, and other mindfulness-inspired games and art and craft activities. It was truly interesting to see the contrast between the different techniques used in the elementary and high school classrooms. For example, the high school students were taught to use more breathing and meditation practices whereas the elementary school students were taught more active and art and craft-based projects such as glitter bottles and the “I can do this” motivational finger technique. When comparing the ages between the high school and elementary school students, it makes sense that the younger students were taught the more active and artistic techniques as they seemed to be more suited for a younger audience. They also seemed better suited to the issues that affect students at these particular academic stages, issues such as difficulty concentrating after transitioning from active periods such as recess. 
 Evolutions High School and William D’Abate Elementary School 
                                 Classroom Testimonials Videos

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